Safety and Security

Safety and Security

Emergency Guidelines and Procedures

It is important to become familiar with this information and additional information in the Employee Handbook. You should review it periodically so that you are able to react to emergency situations in an appropriate manner. This information applies to all personnel, buildings, and grounds on the main campus of Reading Area Community College. Procedures for other facilities used by 中国澳门博彩官网 are to be communicated to College site supervisors who will communicate such information to staff and students.

Safety Concern Form

Please complete this online form if you wish to express a concern relating to campus safety, campus security or a guard.

Omnilert - 中国澳门博彩官网's Emergency & Weather Alert System

New users: You must create your own account. It is not created automatically with the same credentials as your 中国澳门博彩官网 login. However, it is recommended that you make both your username and password the same as your 中国澳门博彩官网 login account when you sign-up for the first time.

Sign-up For 中国澳门博彩官网 Weather and Emergency Alerts

Panic Button Safety App

Using Panic Button Alert, subscribers can choose to contact 9-1-1, the emergency hotline, or initiate a silent alarm. In all situations, the safety team is notified of the action taken and provided with the subscriber’s name, contact information, and location to determine appropriate next steps.

Current Subscribers

中国澳门博彩官网 subscribers will need to login to their account in order to access their "personal access code", then use that code to log into the safety app.

Omnilert Safety App

  • After installing the app and logging in with your personal access code, click continue to enable notifications.
  • Press and hold to call the Safety and Security office, call 9-1-1, or send a Silent Alert.

Panic Button Safety App










    Emergency Telephone Numbers

    In case of emergency, 911 is the first number you should call.

    In the event of an on-campus emergency, students, faculty and staff can contact the Safety and Security Department by dialing extension 6291 from any campus telephone including the red phones located in the hallways throughout campus buildings.

    Emergency Telephone Numbers On-Campus Off-Campus Cell
    Safety & Security Services (Rings at all Security Desks)
    Berks Hall, Gust Zogas (SUB), Kratz & Weitz Hall Lobby,
    Schmidt Lobby, Yocum Lobby
    Ext. 6291 610-607-6291  
    Day - Manager of Security Ext. 5098 610-372-4721 484-955-9959
    Evening & Weekend Security Supervisors Ext. 5098 610-372-4721 484-955-2946
    Berks Hall Security Office
    Berks Hall Security Desk
    Weitz Hall Security (lobby)
    Weitz Hall Security (lobby 2)
    Kratz Hall Security (lobby)
    STTC Security (lobby)
    Yocum Security (lobby)
    Ext. 5098
    Ext. 5077
    Ext. 5288
    Ext. 5276
    Ext. 5750
    Ext. 5126
    Ext. 5521
    Student Success Center Ext. 6245 610-607-6245  
    Dean of Student Affairs Ext. 5298 610-607-5298  
    Switchboard Dial "0" 610-372-4721  


    Emergency Contacts

    Director of Facilities, Security and Safety

    Day - Manager of Security

    Evening Supervisor

    Weekend Supervisors

    • Charletha Green
    • Crystal Osuna

    Safety and Security Reports

    If you would like paper copies of either the Annual Security Report or the Crime Statistics, they are available in the Office of Safety and Security in Berks Hall, Room 152.

    Lost and Found

    Information regarding lost and found items. - PDF PDF